I am a nature photographer.  Through my camera and lens I aim to convey the beauty, mystery, wonder and majesty of the natural world.  My recent work focuses on landscapes and wildlife in their natural environment.

All my images are available for commercial licensing and prints in a variety of sizes, though I rely on my profession in the technology industry to fund my photography.


My Photographic Journey



I have been actively practicing the art of photography since about 2005.  Over the years, my subjects and areas of interest have shifted.  Like many, I started photographing while on holiday, making images opportunistically and not paying particular attention to the optimum time of day or light to make the best images.  The only formal training I got was in a community college class I took in 2005 where I learned the basics of composition and visual elements.


Artists' Palette, Death Valley National ParkArtists' Palette, Death Valley National Park


I eventually realized that I needed to dedicate large chunks of time to photography, so in 2008 I went on my first photography-centric trip to Death Valley with a few friends.  Following that experience, I knew that such trips were the most effective way for me to hone my craft.


Snow GooseSnow Goose


In around 2008, I started to develop an interest in avian photography and in December of that year went to Bosque del Apache in New Mexico for the first time.  I spent 4 days there dedicated to photography and was hooked on birds.



In 2010, I went on my first photographic workshop to the Galapagos Archipelago with Andy Biggs and since then I have travelled each year to photographically rich locations each with unique wildlife and landscape.


A group of migrating Wildebeest pause for just a moment as a rainstorm is about to hit. For a brief moment the clouds in the distance part to allow the setting sun to stream through.


Africa has been one of my favorite places to visit with a rich variety of wildlife, avian and landscape subjects.  



From the Serengeti to the Okavango Delta, the continent keeps calling to me.  I loved making images from the air, as it allows me to show the broader landscape that the animals call home.


Trees of DeadvleiTrees of Deadvlei


In early 2014, I visited Namibia and was blown away by the surreal landscape, a very different side of Africa and one I hope to revisit one day.


Silverback Mountain GorillaSilverback Mountain Gorilla

Another unique experience in Africa is photographing Chimpanzees in Uganda and Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda.  Apart from the photography, just spending time with them is an incredible experience.


King Penguins by a StreamKing Penguins by a Stream


My other favorite photographic destination is South Georgia Island.  The distant island in the southern ocean being largely unspoiled by human presence gives an excellent opportunity to view and work with wildlife in their natural habitat.


Antarctic Storm • South Shetland IslandsAntarctic Storm • South Shetland Islands

Though I'd been to South Georgia Island in 2012, it wasn't until 2016 that I managed to make it to Antarctica.  Most people do the latter first, guess I just had to be different.  While South Georgia Island captivated me with its incredible wildlife, I found the dramatic weather and ice of Antarctica to recharge my creativity.

Fire of Thine EyesFire of Thine Eyes I was born in India, but it wasn't until 2017 that I had visited India solely for photography with a special emphasis on the magnificent Bengal Tiger.

Glacier RemnantsGlacier Remnants Iceland has become a popular destination for tourists and photographers alike.  I had a chance to visit and make photographs in the summer, its a place I would love to visit in the winter.