Sony Zeiss FE 24-70 f/4 OSS Observations

The full resolution JPGs for all images can be found in this gallery.

Compared to Canon 24-70 f/2.8

Since I know the performance of the Canon lens quite well, this was the most straight forward comparison.  The scene is a part of my backyard that stays fairly static with a lot of detail and one where focus is usually set in the midground (in this case center of frame on the bike buggy).  This is the view at 24mm.

Check out the comparison between the Sony and the Canon @ f/8 in full resolution (give it several seconds, these files are huge and click and drag to move around the image).  TOP image will be Sony, BOTTOM Canon.

All images in this test were sharpened in Lightroom with 50/0.8/50

To my eye both are excellent in the center but in the corners I see distinct rearward field curvature.  This is borne out by comparing at 35mm, 50mm, and 70mm:

Sony 35mm @ f/8 vs. Canon 35mm @ f/8
Sony 50mm @ f/8 vs. Canon 50mm @ f/8
Sony 70mm @ f/8 vs. Canon 70mm @ f/8

The Canon also seems to show more CA than the Sony, though the Canon is stronger in the corners and the Canon may actually have some slight forward field curvature.

I also just went out into the yard and make some hand held images (click for full resolution version):

There is nice detail even in the leaves at the bottom of the frame.

 Detail in the plants on the bottom left is lost, I'm guessing because of field curvature.

There is good detail in the right side of the frame, but less on the left.  Maybe it isn't field curvature but a decentered copy of the lens (which I'm hearing is pretty common with this optic).


There is definitely a loss of detail near the bottom of the frame.  Again, its unclear if its because of field curvature, decentering in this copy of the lens or just a limitation of the lens design.

Lastly, the lens does have that nice way that Zeiss lenses render color and the bokeh is pleasing and unobtrusive.  This last image I took at 1/40s @ 70mm so the OSS is definitely working.